Our Trip to Denmark
(and Poland - click here)

Mor and Far's house in Denmark
We stayed here while we were in Denmark.
Built in 1864, it was originally a school.

Out the upstairs bedroom window
The old church across the street. Every morning the bells rang at 8:00.
Snacking at the flea market
Raw peas are my favorite, and these were longer than my hand. I know, a bit strange, but they were like giant sci-fi peas...
Family in Denmark
We were so busy doing things, we really didn't get to spend as much time as we'd have liked to with all of the family.
Children everywhere
Everyone of my generation now has two kids, one boy and one girl (well, except for me). When they all got together almost everyone had someone to go off and play with.
Torben and Kirsten in their new house
Last time I visited, they lived on Samso, a neat little island. Now they're in a lovely modern house. Quite a difference, but at least Torben still gets to visit his horses.
To get to their house I caught a train from Copenhagen that went to Kobe. I was so proud to use my credit card in the ticket machine. I took the paper that came out (couldn't read it, it was in Danish) and got on the train. After we started moving the ticket person came by and I gave him the paper. He asked "where was my ticket". I told him that's what I got out of the machine. He read it closely and said that it said that my credit card didn't work and I should have tried the machine again. So, I was stuck and not sure what to do. There's a hefty fine for no ticket, but he saw I was horrified, and let it slide. Nice Danish train people...
Oh, and from then on, when I was getting on a train, I found the ticket person before it started off, and confirmed that I had the right ticket and train. One time, going back home from Copenhagen, the ticket person said it was a good ticket, but we'd better move to a different car. Because the car we were in would separate from the train and not end up at the town we needed to go to. No stress on this vacation...
Tivoli in Copenhagen was one of the places I wanted to visit. Since we were going to Copenhagen for a seminar for Bart, Far suggested we stop off at Tivoli that evening and walk around and have a nice dinner.
I chose a place called Nimb (because they offered Creme Brule) and we had an awesome and expensive three course meal. Great food, but one little bottle of water cost us $5. Afterwards we decided to head home, because it was a holiday Friday and there was a concert about to happen. The place was packed, and it was difficult to just walk out and find the exits. Really a beautiful place to look at the lights and flowers.
Beautiful country roads
We borrowed the car one day and just drove around taking pictures of the scenery.  Compared to Texas, not many fences and so much green.
The Windmills
More and more windmills springing up across the country. It's hard to dislike them with the way they create energy and don't burn anything.
There was one particular day when I woke up, and looking at the spinning windmills was something I avoided the entire day...
Facing Vejlby and Middlefart beyond
The village where we stayed was Vejlby. If you look closely in the center right side of the picture, you can see the white top of the church across the street from the house. In the far off distance is the New bridge over the Little Belt (not really that new, but newer than the old bridge...).
Looking out over Rojle Klint
We liked the contrast of pastoral sheep, boats on the water and industry across the way.
Bird in the water
For some reason Bart took tons of bird pictures. I had to include one. This was at Vijlby Strand. A cold and windy day, but the rain held off until that evening.
Sailing Ship
We're not used to seeing ships with so many sails. Then again, we're 7 hours from the coast...
A windy day in front of the bridge to Jutland
Most days were cold and windy. My hair was always a mess, but things just never worked out for getting it cut...
Stairs in a castle
We visted a couple of castles toward the end of our vacation. I think Bart got more out of it than I did.
Egeskov Slot
A nice castle with wondeful grounds. Of course cold and windy, so we didn't spend so much time outside, but really beautifully landscaped.
In the Tower
So that's how they make a tower. Um, guess we won't be making one like this any time soon.
Getting ready for guests
No, Bart's not mowing the gravel driveway, he's raking it. The translating took a little work, but Far got his point across. Torben (their computer person) was visiting that night for a nice dinner and drinks (after fixing the computer). The driveway was nicely raked for his arrival.
Lars and Winie's Farm
Built in the traditional court yard style, they're putting a lot of work into its rennovation. The house is getting some modernizing, and the barns are being converted for horses instead of pigs and cows. It's really interesting to see the old and new.
Lars, Line, Winie and the ponies
This foal was born a couple of weeks earlier. She was already good about leading and being hugged and petted. All their ponies grow up with tons of attention from everyone in the family.
Me and Paust
I've always wanted a Fjord, and after riding Paust, I know why. Luckily for Thuy, he's just a big brown Fjord, so I couldn't see any reason to trade him for one. But, someday, I know I'll have one as my main riding horse....
Papya out in the Pasture
She was born just a couple of days before this picture, and already getting used to the halter and playing in the field.