840. HAROLD II32 GODWINSON (Godwin33 )(617) was born about 1022. HAROLD died 14 OCT 1066 in Hastings, at 44 years of age.(618) RESEARCH NOTES: killed in battle with William, Duke of Normandy ("The Conqueror") His body was interred in Waltham Abbey, Essex (?).

He married twice. He married (Edith) Ealdgyth. (Edith)(619) was the daughter of Aelfgar III MALET of MERCIA and Elfgifu. (Edith) died after 1070.(620) He married Eadgyth. (Additional notes for Eadgyth(621)) SOURCE NOTES: Message from Iain Kerr (http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/iain_kerr). King of England 6 JAN 1066; elected to the English crown by the nobles. Appointed Earl of the East Angles before 1045. Succeeded father (Godwin) as Earl of the West Saxons (Wessex) 15 APR 1053. Created Earl of Hereford in 1058. Styled "Duke of the English" from 1064.

HAROLD II GODWINSON and Eadgyth had the following children:

child + 757 i. Gytha31 Haroldson.

child 841 ii. Godwine Haroldson.

child 842 iii. Edmund Haroldson.

child 843 iv. Magnus Haroldson.

child 844 v. Gunhilda Haroldson(622). Took the veil. A nun at Wilton Abbey, Wiltshire.

child 845 vi. Harold Haroldson(623) was born in Chester, Cheshire, England DEC 1066. Harold died after 1098. SOURCE NOTES: _Britain's Royal Families_, Alison Weir, Pimlico, 1989. Possibly the twin of Ulf. He grew up in exile on the Continent. Marriage and issue, if any, uncertain.

child 846 vii. Ulf Haroldson was born in Chester, Cheshire, England DEC 1066.(624) RESEARCH NOTES: May have been Harold's legitimate son by his wife, Ealdgyth. Ulf died 1070/1087 at 4 years of age.(625) SOURCE NOTES: _Britain's Royal Families_, Alison Weir, Pimlico, 1989.RESEARCH NOTES: Reported by some authorities to have drowned at sea before 1070, but also recorded as being alive in 1087 in Normandy, after which he disappears from the records.

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