Long Lining Thuy
Click for Driving Thuy

OK, who's working harder?

I started at the tug level...
but moved to the turrets to match how he holds his head.
He's a bit lazy about trotting on the lunge, and long lining was no exception
Still, he did what I asked...
well, most of the time.
He jumps, so you'd think this would be no problem. The first time I presented him to it caused the picture above.
It's fun working him because he already knows how to bend.
A trotting shot
He would look cute in a cart
The tire noise on the gravel didn't even get his attention
I guess it's a plus to start a horse who's seen and heard most everything as a riding horse
This is what makes me not sure about him as a driving horse. Whoa and stand mean inch forward and shuffle around. After a minute of him moving forward and me backing him back to where I told him to whoa, he did stand for a few minutes, til I got tired and said he could move. Maybe he wouldn't be too bad.
He is a cutie! (although, way overweight)