Father finally getting to ride Emma
We'd been discussing it forever. Emma is living out at the parents'
house and Father has been wanting to ride her. For his first ride, he
wanted me there to supervise the bridling and saddling.
Finally last Sunday was good weather and we got her out and tacked
her up. She is just wonderful. No tying for grooming or tacking, she just
stood outside the tackroom while he figured out the saddle and then came out and
put it on her. She also stood calmly while he brought over a chair to use as a mounting block
and climbed on.

Her favorite gait is still halt. It took a little time for Father to figure out how to keep her in a walk.

Yep, we're looking into getting him some boots and a helmet. I'm kind of aiming to take him along on the hunt's Father's Day trail ride...
Spring is definitely here. The peach and pear trees are blooming.
I only got a little scared one time. They were heading toward the fenceline with the other horses and she started trotting. Pulling back made her flex, but not really slow down. I'm sure I was a little panicky when I told him to pull back hard. She stopped immediately. They turned around, and she started trotting again. I wasn't sure what was up. I told Father not to squeeze with his legs so much. Then he explained that since she was slowing down so much, he thought it might be a good idea to just keep constant pressure with his legs so she didn't slow down.
I said maybe not, and just cluck a little if she felt like she was slowing down. The rest of the ride stayed at a walk...
(of course later, when he realized they'd been trotting, he was disappointed that I hadn't taken any pictures)
Seeking contact, well, maybe.