Emma's First Dressage Test
(She was great in the new place and wasn't silly about anything.
No spooking or shying, just a lot of looking. We only did Intro 1,
but I couldn't have been happier. The judge loved her and we won
with a 71%. I don't always agree that natural movement should
place higher, but it's kinda cool to score so high on a horse
that still needs to learn a bit about steering...)

Just a schooling show, so we're both a bit shaggy.

Warming up outside. Her trot is awsome. With all the thundering, people would stop and stare...
Only two weeks of working on it, and she already seeks the bit and stays near the vertical.
She's almost 4, but still has a lot of filling out to do. Someday we'll pass the awkward stage.
She got an 8 on her walk. The judge said that if I'd let her stretch down, our score would have been higher (haven't got stretching down at the walk yet, only at the halt).