Emma Lunging

Hopefully I'll be bringing her home next week. She's just turned three and it's time to start some serious training.
I like this shot, because it looks like the old Breyer Shire mold pose.
I had planned on lunging with the surcingle, but the girth I grabbed was too long. As it was, the cavesson was too small and wouldn't go around her nose. At least the larger bit I bought last week seemed to fit.
We've lunged a couple of times, and today whoa and trot came pretty readily. I could tell that after 5 minutes she was getting bored, but I was able to keep her attention for a couple more minutes, so that it was my idea to finish.
She's got a lot to learn, but it wasn't too hard to keep her focused on me, even with kids splashing in the swimming pool near us.
I think she might stay roan. Her summer coat is darker than her winter one.
I'm 5'6 1/2", so she's about 16.3. I guess she could get another inch, since her parents were taller, but this is plenty tall enough for me.
I've taught her to lower her head when I say down and scratch behind her ears. She seems to learn, so hopefully down will someday be all that's necessary.