Emma (almost) Under Saddle

She's getting pretty good at ground tying during saddling
I love her tail
She was really nice about all this. I did mount and sit on her twice, but I had the cameraman holding her, just in case. Safety (the vest and helmet) sure is hot in the summer.
Any time she moved while I was mounting I'd say no and make her walk out in a circle. Bart said by the fourth time she seemed to have caught on and stopped moving (easier to stand still and let me climb on her, than to walk around in the heat). Toward the end, I didn't stop for every shift of the foot, because I don't want her to think that fidgeting will make me get off her.
Notice the nose. Someone on the internet suggested mud for itchies, and while I was putting it on Adamir, I thought it might work for her sunburn. The regular lotion comes off almost immediately. I know how hard it is to get mud off during the rainy season, so maybe this will be better than the lotion. I put it on with a paint brush, and she sort of tolerates it...

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