The back retaining wall
The thing is massive, but is a huge relief to have it in after
all the years we watched the dirt eroding closer and closer to the back of the house.

Click here to see starting the retaining wall.

The area behind the house now. 
If you look at the trail leading to the wheelbarrow, the right side is where the erosion had come back to near the patio/house. The blue bucket is over the septic tank and from there to the right is reclaimed yard (the old drop off).
We'll need to decide on a hedge or wall, since it's quite a drop off now.
Stairs off the patio now. The erosion was really bad here, so instead of using fill dirt, we had stairs put in. We'll have to come up with some hand rails.
Finally there is something holding the dirt in near the house. To the left of the stairs there's a railroad cross tie wall. Eventually we'll hire these people again to come and replace that with a more permanent wall. The ties are starting to rot away.
The stairs going up. Nice and shady with the trees.
 Very decorative with the trees offset. We can't wait for the wall to be stone grey to match the tower.
 Tons of bags.
Taller than the wall of the garage. Right around 10 foot tall.
Even at 10 feet, the foundation of the house is still higher up than the wall. We might put a small cinder block wall a few feet off the house to help hold dirt against the foundation.
When it is grey, it will mesh with the environment and look natural.