The new guy - Mo
Mo arrived a couple of days ago. We did a little
playing in the pasture, working on the lunge and loading
in the trailer. Tomorrow he goes out to the kennels to meet
the hounds so we can see what he thinks of them.
Pretty cute. He really reminds me of Thistle last year. 
Quite a coat for days still in the 70s.
Just a little coaxing to go in by himself. The way I do it, I'm just trying to prove that I'm more stubborn than the horse. Usually works quite well.
Walking on the lunge. He was very nice about lunging and never tested me or acted up. Very encouraging, when I have to think about getting on.
All feet off the ground. He's got a lovely trot with unbelievable reach in front and back.
I like how he stretches forward using his neck and back and developing the correct muscles. He's got a bit of a dip in front of the withers, so if he keeps up this type of movement, it should fill in nicely.
Asking him to walk over the cavalletti. No problem. He's braver than I expected.
And trotting over, asking if he can just jump it. Nice of him to be so forward and confident.
And telling him what a good horse he is. He's got a wonderful, sensible mind. 
So laid back, even in new situations.
Bouncing beside him to see how he reacts to mounting. I didn't get up on him this day, but the way he reacted to everything, I think it would have been fine.
So friendly. He makes it clear that all he wants is attention and praise. At the kennels he was calm enough that I could let my father walk him all over the place. One spook when something startled him, but just a jump and no worry to father. Mo was sweet when he put his head to the chainlink and let the hounds lick his nose.
He and Adiron are already friends. Here they're playing around in the pasture.
Again, all four feet off the ground. He's got a bit of suspension.
Really a playful horse. He was never suspicious of the barrel, and immediately started rolling it around and standing it up and knocking it down. Not as bad as Thistle at playing with ropes and stuff, but the two of them in the trailer together can get pretty rambunctious.