Mo - Roading at the kennels
The last kennel roading before trailering out begins.
Mo worked well and I have high hopes for his
hunting this season.

He was confident going on his own, leading the way or following.

Peaking out from behind the tree, watching the hounds.
Following the hounds.
Hanging out with Bruno.
Amanda came out and rode Thuy with the second set of hounds.
Mo has a good walk, and Thuy would have to trot to catch up. 
He's gotten quite good at standing around.
 We're still trying to find a good way to carry the extra lead. It kept fall off one side or the other and Mo would almost be stepping on it.
Heading out to the trails.
 Protecting the edge of the property.
 Thuy with a big mouthful. Mo is good about not trying to graze.
 Heading in with the hounds.