Mo at Opening Meet
Mo had been out for most of our away roadings,
and a couple of fall hunting meets. So, I lent
Thuy and Niles out to other riders and took Mo
in Third flight.
The last hunt he felt ready to move up to Second,
but with this being Opening, it seemed prudent
to stay back and not over-face him.

That's Amanda and mother on the ground. Most of our pictures are with Niles, because the photographer had an easy time spotting him.

Walking to the blessing.
Mo had no trouble standing during the blessing. I think all the standing at the trailer has given him a new perspective on patience.
He's got quite a winter coat now. 
I did give him a little belly clip to help with drying out. Oh, and that's my newest Ortho-flex. It's a General Purpose version. Not so forward flaps, so I can keep my stirrups longer during the 3 hours out hunting.
Coming in to the hospitality wagon. He's good at listening when I ask him to keep his distance behind the horse in front of us.
We stayed toward the back to watch for any trouble. Although, the one time we reversed and had to lead, Mo marched on nicely.
He's always curious about a lone person standing beside the road.
 Standing with the other field members, out on my current or former horses.
Heading over to Rocky Trail.
 Going through Dragon Jump gate. 
I'm considering a Pelham for when we move up to Second flight. He's fine in the snaffle in Third, but I might want more stopping power at the faster speeds.
Coming in with the group. This was a nice, relaxing day for Third.