Mo Schooling at Home
Mo's been out hunting the past month or
so. Most of our schooling has been trying
out a new saddle or just getting some trot
work in to be sure he is fit enough to go out.
I also try to get him out on the trails some.
This is the first time I've ridden him in the dressage saddle.
I hope to move him up out hunting, so I wanted to test
out the Pelham on him. It was an incorrect combination,
but it was nice to see how he adapted.

Bart said we started out fairly short-strided. It wasn't until he mentioned it, that I remembered to ask Mo to step out a bit more.

He's got a lovely long walk, when he's asked for it.
I was pleased with how he responded to the pelham. More willing to soften, and definitely more ratable. Now I just have to find a pelham bit of his own, since this is Thuy's...
For being a Belgian cross, he's fairly pony like. I feel a little big on him, but love how safe and steady he feels.
After hunting, I don't have to do a lot of half halts when we head down hill. He balances himself and doesn't rush now.
A slight incline uphill and he really uses himself nicely. 
He's generally steady and soft.
 A little tail swishing when I asked for more trot and we had to negotiate not putting in a canter stride.
But, he doesn't hold a grudge and goes right back to steady.
 He's got reach at the trot, but out hunting his stride isn't always as long as the big horses. Sometimes we pick up a canter for their trot.
Left lead canter. His transition isn't sharp, but it's not something we work on out hunting. Out there you just go whatever speed is necessary to keep up.
And the right lead.
 After the canter his trot work was even better.
He's so fuzzy.
Asking for a little longer neck and stretch. Not something we've worked on, but he wasn't fussy about it.
I guess he could have the potential for dressage. Funny, but it seems with all my horses, once they've been hunting, the basic dressage work is there. They know forward and bending. Sharpening the transitions and more lateral work shouldn't be too much of a stretch after all they've had to deal with out hunting.