Mo with a younger rider
Amy comes out once a week to ride with me.
Usually she rides Thuy, but he's not here right now, so
she's been riding Mo. They seem to work well together.

Warming up at the walk.

Mo has a nicely forward, relaxed walk.
Picking up the trot.
She doesn't ask for much in the way of a frame, but Mo is using himself properly on his own.
It's not easy to get shots in the afternoon with the tower. The sun tends to be in the wrong place.
Amy's working her way up to jumping. 
Here she had her leg on a bit more and was lighter in the saddle, so he offered more lift in front.
 Playing with the bank.
A nice trot before asking for the canter.
 Mo's canter is very smooth, but it's a different ride than Thuy.
Making sure they get around the corner.
He's safe in the canter and doesn't require being held in a dressage frame to stay balanced and not get on the forehand.
 A walk break.
Up the bank.
Out in the pasture.
Some trotting in the open.
He's pretty tolerant and honest.