A dressage lesson on Mo
Mo improves with each lesson. In between lessons
we work on the same old stuff. Bending, balancing,
softening, and staying steady.
He's willing and responsive, which goes a long way.
He's getting more consistent in his trot work, and his
canter is also improving.

Warming up with a little longer rein.

A little more leg and getting ready to work.
Nicely holding the bit and listening.
Looking for more softening, but we don't want him behind the vertical.
He's figuring things out.
He's usually very easy to place on the circle and understands about listening to leg.
He's nice about straight, and the last ride he was very good about leg yielding.
Our canter strike off. It could be rounder, but it was obedient.
We're getting canter work that isn't hollow and resisting the bit.
Coming up a little in front, but he needed a little balance for heading downhill.
The downward transition was a bit animated.
And the left lead. It's a very smooth canter that's easy to sit.
We're glad he's happy to give the canter, now we'll be working to slow it down in the ring.
Again a more forward trot coming down from the canter.
Playing over the trot poles.
We did the cavalletti at two heights. We wanted him to remember jumping and cantering away, but...
We also wanted him to take it in a trot stride when ridden in a more dressage frame. We want him adaptable.