Fall Hunting with Thuy
What a great day for hunting. It's just the start of the season, so most of the time was spent training the hounds. Thuy and I went first flight (there weren't many of us) and at one point the hounds got on something, so we had a nice little run. I've included some pictures of Bob - a friend rode him.
Click here for more hunt pictures at Hickory Creek Hunt
My hacking jacket off of ebay. And breeches and boots from the same place.
Posing for the camera.
Thuy is a different horse out fox hunting. He doesn't do anything silly, but he knows (or hopes) he's going to get to run.
It ended up being too warm for the jacket. 
Sharon on Bob. They occasionally passed us at the trot, while we were galloping.
That's Sharon and Bob on the left, Chrissy (the huntsman) and Sarah in the middle, and me and Thuy on the right.
Following the field master, following the huntsman. We're on the far left with Sharon and Bob beside us.
The weather was perfect, and the scenery was gorgeous.
Thuy on the left, Bob on the right. Sharon said that Bob started keying in on the field master and started slowing down whenever he did. That's a trait I'd love for him to have. Following isn't always fun if the horse is trying to pass the field master.
Nice and solid - the perfect hunt horse for me...