Opening Hunt Meet - Sidesaddle
It was just an awsome day all around. We went first flight, had some galloping
runs and got the chance to jump a number of fences. I was also lucky enough to
be the one to view the coyote and tell our field master so he could view hallo to the huntsman.
I did panic on our first gallop, but as the huntsman said, you can only get so scared...
At the one jump that I'd always gone around (not an option this time with the coyote on the other side
and no gate nearby), I basically trotted toward it and dropped the reins.
Thuy was happy to take care of the rest (and it felt no different than the other jumps aside)...
Exhausted and sore at the end, it was all worth it.
http://www.hickorycreekhunt.com/031129web/ for more pictures from the hunt

After mounting up, Thuy saw no reason to stand around for pictures...
Heading over to the blessing.
Thuy being blessed (and mugging the Priest for a treat).
Thuy was happy for something to eat during the blessing ceremony.
Thuy's in front in this picture. Our First flight field master is just out of the shot.
Here we are following Aver.
Thuy is great about balancing on his hind end when we're going downhill.
Heading out after partaking of the hospitality wagon.
(I was proud to figure out that my flask fits nicely against my upper pommel, under the rubberband that holds the queen on my sidesaddle - creme de minte, creme de cocao and creme brule were in there this hunt - yum)
What a great sidesaddle horse.
We did a lot of jogging to keep up with the long legged horses.
Right lead cantering was the most comfortable, but sometimes I'd forget and we'd get the left. On a couple of occassions when we were galloping, I think he switched to a cross canter, which felt horrible.
Trotting in to the trailer area.
Watching the hounds load up.