Thuy - Roading with Amanda

Getting Thuy ready.

Thuy ponying as slowly as he can.
Amanda holding the horses while we get the stirrups set.
Waiting for Mo to be ready.
Walking around the kennels.
Ponying with Amanda. Much easier, because she can keep Thuy going and tell me if he's going to stop. 
Usually they work well together.
 I think the saddle tends to put her in a chair seat. I guess we'll have to start looking for a kid's saddle that Thuy likes.
Riding out with the other horses.
 Walking along and talking. It's nice to be able to spend time together this way.
Sometimes she looks so small on him.
Most of the time they're in synch when trotting.
Sometimes they get out of synch, but she was still grinning when he decided to power trot up the hill.
Thuy likes posing for the camera. We're still working on heels and keeping legs underneath the body. So much to work on.
Besides the feet and legs, we've also discussed the elbows. I saw a lot of improvement during the ride.
Thuy is safe, but he's not always a perfect ride. Anyone who has ever ridden him has a story of when he decided to go where he wanted and not where the rider was telling him to go. Here they were facing uphill, getting ready to practice a trot. Thuy popped that right shoulder and turned around, thinking they should head back toward the gate. Amanda didn't get flustered, she simply didn't let him turn right and kept his left bend.
He realized she was in charge, and turned back around and did what she asked. Silly pony, tricks are for kids....
Watching the hounds get uncoupled.
Following Melanie and giving Mo a lead.
Following the hounds. She's got much better upper body posture than I do. I definitely think a smaller saddle with help with the shoulder, hip, heel line.
Heading in. It was a very hot day, so we only stayed out an hour or so. We let the second pack of hounds go out without us on horseback.