Schooling Cross Country on Thuy
What a great weekend. First Bob and I went out fox hunting on Saturday (led 3rd flight),
then Thuy and I got to play over a cross country course on Sunday.
I'd forgotten how easy jumping could be on a trained horse.
I know I've got all those other horses to train, but it's fun to get out and remember that
I do know how to ride...

We warmed up over a log, but then we started jumping the novice stuff.

The water was pretty deep. Luckily it was a warm day.
My first time ever to jump into water. A very strange feeling. Like a bank, with an extra pop to the back of the saddle as the horse leaps to get through.
After fox hunting, Thuy knows ditches.
No over jumping for Thuy. He knows how to conserve energy.
We just did trotting off this time. Happy to say we also did the double bank down and up. It was a stretch, but he did the double up bank as a bounce like it was intended.
I think he's such a cute jumper.
One of my bugaboo jumps. The second try I rode it better and it felt like any other jump.
It's taken a while, but he's no longer the lazy little horse that doesn't know how to canter. Another thing that I think fox hunting fixed.
The little horse who could...