Combined Test on Thuy - Sidesaddle
Well, Thuy was having a bad day. His dressage warm up was chargy,
to say the least, and his Training 1 test was horrid.
He decided to be worried about Bob, his trailer-mate, and seemed
to use that excuse to shy at things and ignore me.
He's been to these show grounds many times before, but today we had canter departs that were close to bolts,
and leaps across the arena at every gait but the walk. At least the judge complimented my riding by putting
down 'Good Control!'
I figure yesterday's ride was a good precursor to Fox Hunting. We had sudden leaps to the left and right,
and being sidesaddle made no difference to how I controlled him and made him at least simulate the
dressage pattern. During one canter/gallop circle, I was able to think 'drop him, pick him back up, and
get that trot before we hit b'. It wasn't pretty, but we did get a round of applause when I saluted.
I decided to scratch our BN CT entry, but I schooled the Intro jumps in warm up, and decided to do a non-judged
round over the Intro course. Thuy was absolutely perfect, no refusals, he trotted the fences I asked him to, and cantered
those that I wanted to. He didn't even pull toward Bob. I guess he thought two dressage shows in a week was just too much.
One person said he went into the dressage ring like he was looking for the hounds...

I went with the small jumps to help my confidence.
It looks even more awkward from the ground than it feels in the saddle.
I know, give more with my hands. Still, my position seems to be improving.
I know we could have just trotted these, but it helps to know that I've done a course now. No matter how small the jumps...