Sidesaddle Thuy
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I put some padding under the safe and my knee felt just right.
I do wonder sometimes if my right heel should hit my left knee, which it does sometimes.
My head also does strange things, while I'm trying to remember which shoulder to turn and which to just look over.
Cantering to the left feels like I'm sliding off to the left. 
The left lead was also the one we had trouble with. I watched the video, and I was overbending him. That allowed him to pop out his right shoulder and get the wrong lead.
A little blurry, but our lateral work wasn't too bad (didn't try shoulder-in yet).
I have to remember to ride the back end. It's too easy to forget and just ride the front.
First time to the right was just trying to keep the canter.
The second time was trying to ride it...
The nice steady trot that it's easy for him to fall into.
He didn't take the trot poles any bouncier than his normal trot.
My position isn't so bad when I'm relaxed and not thinking about it.
Practicing turn on the forehand just like any other training day.