Dressage Show on Thuy - Sidesaddle
Well, quite a nice show day. Both of my horses were in the ribbons for every
class, and all our scores stayed in the 60s. In Training 1 and 2, Thuy
and I got a 65% and a 63%. We also got instruction on what to work on (more
energy and bend and keep his haunches from drifting to the right).
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Warming up he was more forward than in the ring. In the ring I accepted the slower trot, since we'd been working on not being so rushy.
All over the test, the judge had marked obedient. Thuy was very attentive, I just have to improve my feel and communication.
One of our more forward moments.
I know the judge said we needed more bend, but I was very pleased with how Thuy did.
We got a Third and Fourth. I was surprised we did that well after watching the other riders.
We got an 8 on one of our canter circles. Going in, one of my goals was just to get the correct leads...
The evening before, at dinner, my fortune cookie said that 'You love the showmanship and display'. I tried to remember that while I was showing.