Topper Fox Hunting this Season
We went out most hunts this season. If things got exciting I hopped
off and he'd go in hand until things calmed down.
His manners are impeccable on the ground and his company
was always enjoyable.

Waiting for everyone to be tacked up.

One hunt I had pulled my back and couldn't ride, so he packed some of my stuff and we followed all over hunt country. He wasn't concerned being alone
and it was a fun day out.

Riding out with Laura. He had some big spooks this day at hounds, but by the end hounds were around us in the woods and creek beds and he stayed focused on
what we were doing and not them.

He's not used to cactus, so a bit more direction needed than my guys who naturally go around it.

We didn't always stay up with the huntsman, but we always caught up to her.

He really marches on and stayed well up with Laura this hunt.

Only at the very end did he start trotting instead of using his power walk to keep up.

Heading in and letting him lead.

In our dressage saddle for now.

Our last hunt was a cold and blustery day. I didn't always stay on when things got exciting.

After hunting last week this week he was excited to get out. When he gets excited he doesn't always listen.

Watching the hounds and whips head out.

  It's more tiring, but he's really new to this, and when he gets excited I can calm him down by getting off and leading him for a bit.

When he's excited he can do some leaping about. It's not difficult to ride, but he's also more prone to spooking because he's more focused on the excitement and
anything strange surprises him in that mind frame.

Watching all the excitement from a distance.

He's very aware and always tells me if something is happening that I might not notice.

He was a little playful at the canter to begin with, but when he realized we were going all the way up the hill he settled into a nice canter.

He wasn't confident with his canter when he came, but he appears to enjoy cantering when he knows it's ok.