Pictures from around Shropshire
Visiting Chrissie's family

I was lucky that Jo had time to spend with me, and it was lovely to
meet Chrissie's mother. I was able to see a lot of the North Shropshire
countryside, which was quite wet, and very green.

Where Jo and Anthony live.

A lovely farmhouse. Rather old, and the rooms are a bit small, but tons of character with a decent sized garden and a good hedge to block the road. 
This, along with much of the farm land in the area is a part of an estate in Hodnet.
It's difficult to catch that it's raining. The old barn is used for storage now.
Yep, the clothes on the line didn't get dry before the next rain, but the next day was nice and we put out everything we needed to get dry.
The sort of pond we'd love to have in Texas.
One of the sweet Springer Spaniels. They're used during the hunting season to help with the pheasant. 
The view across the potato field. The tree lines are to give the pheasants places to live.
 The other side of Hodnet hill.
Happy dog, running across the pasture.
 Trying to use the 'look' after kenneling up.
With all the rain, the mud was pretty bad. Outside clothes had to be hosed before washing.
The pups loved resting in the car.
A shot into the kitchen.
Time to kennel up.
The oldest wall of the house.
I like the simple cottage doors.
Anthony and his work truck.
More mud.
One cocker spaniel and the rest are springers.
Jo in front of the house.
And a picture of me.
A last look at Hodnet hill.
(Hodnet and Shrewsbury)