Pictures from around Shropshire
Touring Hodnet, Market Drayton and Shrewsbury

I went with Jo and her mum to see the town of Shrewsbury.
Obviously they're in great shape, because I got a bit tired trying
to keep up. The car being on the opposite side of the road
kept making me a bit woozy, so along with a  little jet lag,
I had plenty of excuses.
Still, the town was wonderful. We saw the Abbey where Cadfael
was set, along with a lot of old structures in the town.
The river winds its way around, making some picturesque areas, and
nice places for walking and talking.

The sandstone church in Hodnet.
The view past the lich gate, of Hodnet village. 
(How's that Yvon! I can learn.)
Jo's mum's garden was wonderful.
After so much rain, everything was green and growing.
I'm not sure of the names of the flowers.
These were my favorite. 
The colors were brilliant.
 Wheat growing in Shropshire.
Wet and muddy, but a sunny day.
 Shrewsbury castle.
The train station, very Victorian.
The Welsh Bridge over the River Severn.
This used to be a pit dug out for the minerals and dirt. They decided to landscape it years ago. Last weekend there was a garden show held in the park around this area.
Jo and her mum.
A unique looking bird.
The manicured gardens were wonderful, but this is more my style.
A street in Shrewsbury. I was worried about rain, but we were lucky that day.
An abandoned Manor house.
A view from the other side.