Pictures from around Wales
The concert with John Barrowman
This is what started this trip. I saw a festival happening
in Wales where John Barrowman would be performing.
Once I started thinking about it, I realized I could make it
all happen with a lot of help.
I knew I'd get over to Denmark, and Jo helped with part of the logistics.
Yvon came up from Devon and helped me with my whirlwind last weekend.
We worried about the rain all day, but except for soggy ground, there was no moisture. It was rather cold once it got dark, but nowhere close to miserable.
The seats were on an aisle, which helped for a clear view of the stage.
A lot of joking and quite the entertainer.
Of course the singing was pretty great, too.
A duet of 'I Know Him So Well'. Should be on the next album.
A couple of the other singers had been on British TV shows looking for performers for different musicals. 
I believe this was 'Man of La Mancha'.
 Yes, pink and spangles. What else would you expect?
For being in the middle of a field, the set was nice, and they had enough stage to do some dancing.
 The orchestra was wonderful.
The grand finale was a Welsh National song that the entire audience stood up and sang.
Fireworks at the end.
(On to Denmark)