Pictures from around Denmark
Spending time with family

It was great that I got to spend some time with
everyone in the immediate family. Four days isn't
that much time, but we made the most of it.

Lars is always working in his barn. Here are the forms for some new walls for more stalls.
This wasn't done last time we visited. Now they have 20 horses boarding in the barns.
Always the threat of rain, but the hay is stored in plastic wrap, so it stays dry.
Line and Paust. Paust is a Norwegian Fjord, and a lesson horse for the riding school next door.
Lars manages the riding school, and they're putting in another indoor arena.
Tacking up her pony, Beauty. The pony goes so well for her. 
Paust waiting to go.
 Posing outside the barn.
I like the big barrelled horses.
 Heading out on to the road. Line and I didn't do a lot of talking, considering her English and my Danish.
Line and Annika, Lars and Winnie's daughters.
The new Brenderup trailer I covet.
Where all the horses live.
Dinner with all the Danes.
Mor and Line and Oliver.
Helping at the chocolate factory in Kolding.
Closing up the bags.
The candy was a bit too sticky.
Cindy wasn't allowed in the house. Just a front foot or two.
Line and Beauty in a lesson.
Trading out the vest.
Philip might be getting a little big for Silver.
She's pretty honest to her jumps now.
Søren and Tanya's house. The front part was an addition.
Patrick and Stephanie playing with a gift from Texas.
Pia, Stephanie, Patrick and Morton. I'm so glad I got to spend a little time with everyone.
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