Pictures from around Wales
The Brecon Beacons

Yvon and I stayed for two nights in Llanfrynach.
We rode in the mountains almost all of Saturday, but
took a quick run over to Hay on Wye to look at a book store
or two.

The farm where we stayed.
Me out front of the 1540 farm house.
Yvon, ready for breakfast and then a ride.
The barn area.
Watch your sheep.
More pretty gardens. 
Where we stayed. Thick walls and small doorways.
The view from the farm.
The horses ready to go.
 Yvon introducing herself to Xanadu.
Yvon giving advice on turning.
Me on Frodo going down the road.
Yvon making her way down the lane.
There were sheep everywhere.
Through Llanfynach and on to the mountains.
Taking a break in the woods.
On the side of a mountain.
I learned what bracken was.
Sheep hiding out.
Cobs crossing a stream.
Following sheep trails.
It was surprising to meet fences in the wilderness of the mountains.
Friday, the second horse I rode was very good at getting the gates.
The ground could be uneven, so we only cantered and trotted a few times.
There I am at the end of the line.
Another water crossing.
A picture perfect stream.
Yvon in the lead.
Me at the tail end.
I learned that gorse isn't very nice.
More sheep.
Sometimes looking down would make me feel a bit dizzy.
Yvon was far in the lead.
A fun canter for the group.
I like the patchwork look of the countryside.
Hello Miss Sheep.
Relaxing in the stream.
This lady wasn't pleased to see us in the lane she was trying to use.
Me and Friday relaxing.
Yvon and Xanadu saying goodbye.
Autumn's coming.
Mountains at twilight.
Driving through Brecon Beacons.

(Stratford Upon Avon)