Visiting Pam in Toulouse, France

I've known Stoney and Pam since our days in high school band. Teddy, as it shows on his jacket, I met for the first time here.

The view from 'my' bedroom window. A nice green belt between the houses.

On my Easter arrival a gift of a chocolate bell. It seems that France didn't traditionally go in for Easter bunnies delivering candy. Instead, the bells would leave the churches and fly around and deliver the candy and then return to their towers. Of course Pam could have been really having me on, but there were an awfully lot of chocolate bells to be had for Easter.

Artichokes were in season and available everywhere. So beautiful.

I had to try the Spanish peas from the market.

A view of the olive seller at the marché.

Lovely bread.

The boucher. I did get some stick salami at one point that was quite good. The sausage Pam fried up one night was also delicious.

Our family Easter tradition of breaking confetti filled eggs over each other's heads was transported to France.

They'll be finding confetti in the house for weeks.

Teddy participated.

Brushing out the confetti from my hair.

A foggy start to the day as we headed out of Tournefeuille.

Pam and Stoney on the drawbridge into the walled city of Carcassonne.

Pam and I heading into the inner city.

Throwing a euro (OK, a cent) into the well for mother.

Part of the long castle wall.

Looking out at the gardens.

The French countryside from the castle walls.

A pigeon on the roof. I'm not sure why there were so many layers to the roof.

Stoney at the bottom of some tower stairs.

The city of Carcassonne outside the older walled area.


I got my crepes, and they were yummy.

Whizzing past the vineyards headed toward the Mediterranean.

My first view of the Mediterranean Sea. The roads reminded me of those in To Catch A Thief. Twisty turny and not always a guard rail to be seen. Stoney was the consummate driver.

Cézanne's Mediterranean. No photoshop necessary. It's all in the lighting.

At the water's edge. I was in a coat, so way too cold to try and dip my toes in.

Hot chocolate and flan at a French cafe. Pam went for the strawberry tart.

French architecture in Toulouse. Shops on bottom, apartments on top.

Capitol building in Toulouse. I'm sure the gold would have shone if the sun were out.

Merry go round in a plats, very close to our Metro stop.

Perfect pastries at the pâtisserie.

Oysters at the open air market.

Strolling along in Tournefeuille a small town outside of Toulouse.

At the city hall in Tournefeuille.

An olive tree. I'd never seen one in person.

In front of the Bistrot (obviously).

Pam resting in the park waiting for our pizza to be ready.

Of course there'd be an older Citroën here.

Little ponies at the park. They pulled carts and gave pony rides.

My favorite, the Fjord.
Maybe the pony in the background is related to the spotted horses painted in the Pech Merle caves in southern France.

Teddy walking with us at the park.

Mum's everywhere.

Clock tower in Cornebarrieu. As mum said, the bells all made it back after Easter.

I always knew mum was a saint.

Strolling through the village of Cornebarrieu.
People would fling open their shutters and say 'Bon jour!' like in Beauty and the Beast. I felt just like Belle.

Nicely appointed.

Drinking fountain for the dogs in the park.

I couldn't see the house, but I loved the entryway.

Always cheerful Pam at the language class monthly luncheon trying the bread.

Hard to keep her still when there are things to do. The rest of the class were so lovely and inviting.

I made one of these. Surprising, I know. They were then fried and dipped in honey and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Busy in the kitchen. Everyone was from a different part of the world here, gathered together to learn French and eat the wonderful food.

What's left of the pirate chicken Easter egg. It was prettier before it was eaten.

Toulouse race track. I liked the steeplechase horses.

How my Miaren likes to jump. Those are some balanced riders.

I was not happy to see the water on the landing side of the fence, but the horses weren't concerned.

I think this was my first steeplechase to see in person. One horse fall and one rider fall. Only one rider had to take the ambulance off course. One horse ran around for a while before cantering into the paddock area with a lot of French yelling accompanying him.

Also some turf racing.

I think number four pulled off the win at the last second.

I put the scones in the oven. I don't suppose that counts for cooking? They were yummy when they came out.

How adorable was it to have Pam confirm with the waitress that the French word on the menu was mussels. She was cupping her hands and opening and closing and saying little animal from the sea? Oui! I got my mussels. At the food court in the mall. Not exactly like our food courts.

Cute little coffee and cookie.

My omelette at the creperia. I was so excited to eat the crepe that I forgot its picture.

The glass almost always matches the bottle. Fancy.

Pam and Stoney walking in Toulouse in the rain on my last night.

Colorful umbrellas in the rain.

Wet cobblestones on a rainy day in Toulouse. I enjoyed our last night walking around in the rain.