In the Field

Bart missed our training work, but we did get a
couple of shots of Adirondack out in the field.

 Pas de deux around the field. Niles on the left and Adirondack on the right.
 They love to stay together. Adirondack is the darker of the two.
Luckily, when I take one or the other away for work, there's very little neighing or attachment that way.
 Also getting the hugs. He's not so sure when I wrap around his barrel or neck, but I'm persistent and he's tolerant.
 He's the one that looks like Adamir. Height and color mostly. The big blazes give them a goofy look when they're standing at the gate waiting for attention.
Oh, and we're hoping for withers to pop out. Right now there's nothing between the shoulder blades. Good thing I still have the Ortho-flex dressge saddle from the flat-backed Herbie.