Adirondack NTF - Training
I've been taking Adiron out to the hunt kennels to
ride along with the hounds when they walk out. No pictures,
because it's off in pastures or down the road.
I'd been thinking of taking him on a hunt trail ride, so I asked
Chrissie to ride him and see how he felt. While she was
riding, I took a few pictures...

Walking around and getting used to each other. 
They had a little excitement after she mounted up. We aren't sure what upset him (tightening the girth, waving the whip, Ortho-flex saddle), but she mounted up and cued for forward and he really stepped off. Very different than any time I've ridden him. She stopped and had me tighten the girth, and when she asked for forward, off he went in a canter. She dropped the whip and pulled him to a halt. From that point on he was back to slow going Adiron. I know I've had other horses bothered by the way the Ortho-flex moves on their back. Maybe he was startled by it. I've been riding him in my Isabelle dressage saddle which doesn't move like this one.
It was nice to see that even though he seemed upset, no bucking or anything I wouldn't want to ride.

Practice going up and down hills. He wasn't sweating yet. I hosed his neck off before we started because it was warm out.
It's so hard to leave his head alone and just say go forward. It just feels wrong to have that nose poking out.
He's well built for a 3 yr old. So far he's just trail ridden around at the kennels. We're trying to show him that riding is fun.
I think that after Chrissie he's going to be happy to have me back on him. She's a bit more demanding.
Yep, that's our castle in the background. 
Chrissie's always sure to give a lot of praise.
They did one or two circuits of trotting all the way around the pasture. No stopping to talk to horsie friends and no stopping to talk to the camera person.
After a break they practiced going over the poles. I want to be sure he can handle the rough trails we sometimes ride on.
After walking over them, they tried trotting. It took a few tries for Adiron to just trot straight through. Here he thought a canter stride might help.
With some encouragement, getting it right one direction.
And the other.
And getting a pat for a job well done.