Adirondack NTF - Fox Hunting
Adiron got to be a part of the field
this weekend out fox hunting.
He kept his ears and eyes on the hounds, but
no kicking and he happily joined in for some
trotting and cantering. He was one tired Haflinger
when they got back, but he was still forward and happy to
pick up a trot heading in to the trailers.

Adiron trailered out with Kasza. That's Jennifer up on Kasza to lead the hilltoppers and Lydia (who showed Adamir a few years ago) up on Adiron. He's not quite as tall as Kasza, but he does feel like a big 'little' horse.

A little walking around after mounting up. Lydia had never ridden Adiron, so she needed to get used to the feel of him before heading out.
A lot of horses out this weekend. I think Adiron is towards the right hidden behind a chestnut.
Lydia practiced taking him away from Kasza. That ended up being very good practice since Lydia ended up riding on while Jennifer helped out another rider.
It was a cold and windy day. Most of the horses were quite 'up'. Adiron didn't always want to stand still at the start, but he settled in quickly.
The cutest thing ever. He was a perfect color match for the dried fields... 
A field of Jennifer's horses. 
That's Adiron on the left, then Kasza, then Angel and Wiley with their new owners. Thuy was already up ahead with the First Flight....
Adiron was probably the shortest and youngest. He also relaxed, enjoyed himself and handled the hunt like a much older horse.
Of course a number of these pictures will also be on Kasza's page. She didn't worry about the group behind her and didn't need a lead while we were out.