Adirondack NTF - Training
Chrissie got in a ride on Adiron when she was
out this weekend. I think he'll be very happy to
have me back aboard. I don't ask for as much....

Chrissie worked on getting a marching walk from Adiron. He certainly doesn't move like her 17 hh hunt horse.

They had a few discussions on what constituted a forward walk. I'm not sure who won.
She said his trot felt nicely energetic.
He listened to her leg for bending.
He's a good size, with enough substance for his height.
I think he'd prefer to trot along forward, but a bit flat. 
Every once in a while she'd get him rounded up and more balanced.
He's very good about foward at the trot.
I've got both the youngsters in a flash right now. We're ramping up the 'questions' and don't want them to respond with an open mouth for avoidance.
With most my guys, they get through a stage, then the flash comes off. It might go on again when they get to the next stage.