Herbie - The new pony
Well, he was just too cute to pass up. He's 8 yrs old and looks like
a smaller version of Thuy. He's just shy of 14.2 and has a really nice trot.
It looks like we'll need to work on the canter and start developing a top line.
If it'll ever stop raining down here, we'll get some pictures under saddle...

Getting off the trailer. 
So far I've noticed a theme with my horses. Not that they're bay, but that they all pay more attention to eating than anything else.

Yep, he found the hay...
Bob, Thuy and Herbie meeting across the fence.
He steps very nicely at the trot (better mover than Thuy), but I want to see how he uses that neck undersaddle. If I'm not mistaken, I see lunging in side reins in his future.
I spent some time working with him this morning. He has some of  that stubborn pony streak in him. Luckily stubborn is what I do best. He's more reactive than Thuy (which can be nice), and his reaction so far has been to move in some direction (even if it's not the correct one). It's never been to rear or buck or leave the situation. This makes working with him just a patience game, and not a fight. That I Iike.
Oh, and he does seem to appreciate hugs and kind words as praise. Another thing I like...