Herbie at the Cross Country Course
I was going to school cross country on Thuy, so I thought I'd bring
Herbie along and see what he thought. He was great tied to the trailer
for a couple of hours while I schooled Thuy, and seemed happy to
be saddled and taken out.
I was bit nervous (always am on a new horse), so we just walked and trotted
around the cross country course. While he was there, Lydia, a junior rider,
rode him a little, and Sharon, who went Training on Sunday, took him over
the GAG cross country course.
No problems, so if everything goes ok, I should have him entered in the
next schooling HT...

 He didn't jig, or act silly. He just felt excited and happy to be out where all the other horses were running and jumping around.

 He's 14.2, but even at my height he didn't feel too small.
 He went right in the water, but tried to stop and paw a couple of times...
 Sometimes a little hollow or chomping on the bit. But, he never felt unsafe.
 Lydia fits him well.
 She must have been more relaxed than me. He was much better about stretching into the bridle for her.
 I think he'll be ready for at least intro the next time a show comes around. He picks up the canter, but with all our rain I've only had a chance to play with it once.
 Here's Sharon getting ready to go around the Green as Grass course.
 They had no trouble doing the course cold. At a couple of the jumps we could see a little hesitation, but when she said jump, he did.
 Of course we're talking pretty small jumps, but some of them weren't typical and he didn't feel the need to stop and stare.
 Good or bad, he didn't jump really round like my other guys. Not much in the way of over jumping and the rider looked like she never was popped out of the saddle.
 He didn't truly jump all the jumps. Some he just took as a trot or canter stride.
It's hard to decide if I want to create more impulsion, considering that lazy isn't always bad for a child's horse.