Herbie Schooling Dressage
I haven't had a chance to get pictures because I usually
ride after dark. Tonight we tried with the flash and special
features and got some nice shots.
Since I haven't ridden him with my trainer yet, it's a good thing
for me to see the pictures. I can't fix all my mistakes, but I can work
on the glaring ones...

 Getting ready to mount up. He's quite good about standing still. And, at 14.2 easy enough to get on.

 Heading out to the pasture. Already getting dark, but he doesn't worry about scary things in the shadows (like Momma Cat hiding in the corner)...
 We started out ok with me letting him reach forward while we warmed up.
 I asked him to reach down, but I didn't give enough rein for him to reach forward like I should. (I do like how long his walk can be for such a little guy)
 So, unfortunately continuing in that vein, when we started trotting I also didn't realize that I had him behind the vertical. At least he worked with it and stayed forward.
 Sometimes I did get it closer to right.
 Easier for us at the walk.
 He won't be steady in the bridle for a while, but if I can get it right and give him some consistency, he's got the mind to come around.
 I'm trying out a new saddle, and sometimes I blame it for my legs coming forward and messing with our 'conversation'.
 He's got a really comfy canter, but I haven't figured out how to keep it without my heels coming up. My last canter try was different than the first two, and he just went until I told him not to. Now to figure out what was different so that I can repeat it...
 I guess I'm used to seeing a different kind of neck in front of me.  I promise the next ride I'll lengthen the reins.
 At least he's showing me he can tolerate rider error. The only thing he did to show his displeasure was chew on the bit and open his mouth when I had him overflexed.