Herbie Showing in Dressage
First, here are the pictures of Lydia riding in Intro 1
on Herbie. They placed 3rd out of 7 entries. A
very respectable showing for their first dressage ride
together and his first time in the ring.
(click here for my pictures on Herbie)

 All of his halts were pretty acceptable. No tossing of the head, and just a little ahead of the mark most times.

 The ring was beside the parking lot and the road into the farm. A lot of things to distract, but Herbie stayed focused.
 Lydia had only ridden Herbie once for about 5 minutes at a cross country school a couple of weeks ago. Still, they had no trouble putting in a lovely test.
 The judge commented on how nicely they were turned out.
 They were in the new Ortho-Flex saddle that seems to fit Herbie well.
 The occassional mouthing of the bit. He seems to do it most when he's nervous or unsure. I think it'll go away, but I might try a flash for a week to encourage him to stop.