Finishing up the castle exterior
Nov 2008

It's hard work every day, but the building crew has done an amazing job.
We can't believe that our plan is coming to life.
We drive up the driveway and sit and stare at our 'castle'.

All the same elements, but a new front door, new trim and nice concrete siding. I still have plans to replace the little door in the left of the picture to match the front door. 
The porch facing the creek as it was before we started. Our main goal was to get the new roof on to stop it raining in, but once the builders were here, we decided to get most of the exterior renovations finished up.
Trees were trimmed back and corbels were going up today. We're still thinking of what railing we can put up on the balcony.
We decided on an IB roofing system for the top deck. It so much nicer than we were picturing.
There's a hidden gutter on the low side, and now a giant drain pipe on the front of the house. We're hoping that gray paint helps it blend in.
The room is ready for finishing inside. I don't think we're ready yet, though.
Doorways are cut now to get from the tower and the original second floor to the new room.
Every day is closer to being finished, and every day we find something new that we want. The quoins should be going up today.