Introducing 'Drafty Manor'
Nov 2008

Nothing more to do on the outside. Well, the porch
is going to get covered and I might do some touch up
paint here and there.
Now we have all winter to figure out what to do with the
new room.

The mimosa tree might get cut back some. We planted it when we started the tower, and now it's so big that our view from the French doors is blocked. 

A clear roof will go over the porch, so we don't get rained on opening the front door. I'm also thinking about putting a screen around it some time in the future.
It definitely changes the look of things. 
Now we wait for rain to check for any leaks. After a short downpour last week, everything underneath was dry, so we're feeling pretty good about it.
From the third floor deck you can see a sea of green roofs. No more valley and metal that will hopefully not care about hail.
The big new room. 
I'm itching to put in insulation, but wires need to be run first.
So far, visitors seem to really like hanging out on the roof. Oh, and we've been discussing railing for the balcony. That's pretty high on the to-do list.