Pictures around the house
Nov 2009

The view out the front door.
The kitchen as it looks now. Concrete countertops and a lot of silver. Yes, that's a TARDIS on the bar. 
This was our first house project. We started with an empty room, and ended up with this. It helped make us brave enough to tackle everything that has followed.
Bottom floor of the tower. I'll get the tile done eventually.
Out a tower window to the South. Little used drive to the lower garage.
Out the tower window to the North. 
This is our baby moat. Keeps the house from flooding.
Up the stairs to the second floor. A lot of wrought iron and wood.
The bookshelves I built and my stained plywood floors.
Bart's very crowded library/office.
Following George down the steps.
Cottage door from the tower to the new room. The handle came from an 1800s farm off ebay. I'm sure I'll stain the door, eventually.
The French doors leak and the new room needs a lot of finishing out. We're getting to it slowly, since we're still thinking through what we want.
Our castle-y front door that I stained myself. We feel we have too much competing wood in the front room, but we had difficulty making (agreeing on) our flooring decision.
We like the stone steps down back, but they're not that easy to use.
The monster retaining wall with the paper from the bags finally coming off.
The other stairs down to the garage that I tend to use more.
The newer retaining wall. I'd love vines covering this. Didn't happen this year.
From the other side of the ravine.
The moat, with it's guardian worm.
Foggy, fuzzy morning.
View from the patio.
The view down the driveway from the house. I'd love for it to be cobblestone some day.