The Kitchen/Living Room Remodel
started Feb 2002
March 2002
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Grinder accident
October 2002
November 2002
February 2003

The pantry is almost finished (Mar 2007). 
Because of the fitted size of the doors, we made them ourselves out of mdf and used the same color paint that we used for the cabinets in the rest of the kitchen. The handles will be installed to match the rest of the kitchen.
I have to tell our faucet story.
If you go to the grinder accident page you can see the great faucet that I picked out, and the damage that happened to it.
The faucet is an AquaBrass Grillo Series.
After the accident I didn't want to deal with the kitchen for a while. My Father was nice enough to contact AquaBrass, tell them we damaged the faucet putting in the counter, and ask them if there was anything we could do about it.
AquaBrass was wonderful. First they complimented my Father for being honest, and then they offered to repair the faucet for free if we would just send it back to them. They returned it faster than the original order took, and it looks like new.
I would recommend this company to anyone considering a faucet.
Click here to see what happens when good grinders go bad...)

We're still thinking about what to do with the area under the bar. I'm thinking a bit more wild, and my DH a bit more conservative... 
Oct 2003

I'd like to add a little shelf under the window. 
Oct 2003

Eventually we plan to design a pantry to go in the open corner in the right of the picture.

We love all the counter space.

I've ordered some different tiles, and plan to try a design down the sides of the bar.

Not much to do here. Now we need to start thinking about the living room...

House with kitchen in new space.