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Click here to see what happens when good grinders go bad...)
--August 2002--

The view from the front door. The fridge will go on the wall to the left of the cabinets. Aug 2002

We're thinking of a decorative mosaic for the big open part under the bar. Something to help the transition from living room to kitchen. Aug 2002

We are so pleased with the bar concept. We'll get stools and leave that area open for legs... Aug 2002

The final upper cabinet is in. So narrow, but if I can find narrow baskets, our spices can go in there and we'll just pull out the basket instead of searching in the tiny cabinet.

One end of the island.

The other end of the island.

The light over the island

The fan over the dining table

 Spent a good part of Sunday putting on handles. They make the kitchen look a bit different. Still, it's great to be able to open the drawers properly. Aug 2002

Because someone wanted full length handles, I had a huge template and worked on each door off the cabinets (thank goodness for European hinges).

House with kitchen in new space.