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Click here to see what happens when good grinders go bad...)
--Feb 2003--

The counter tops are sealed. The contrast is great, and we love
the texture. The epoxy wasn't too bad to work with. Now we
just have to see how it holds up...
Feb 2003

We still want a quarter round or something, to go between the
backsplash and the counter. We're thinking cobalt blue.
Notice how reflective the counters are. At night all sorts of
interesting light patterns are reflected on the ceiling.

The only embedded object... It's on the corner of the bar.

Now looking very different. It's hard to tell it's concrete.

Before sealing...

And after. Quite a difference. I didn't think I'd like it, but
the contrast is wonderful. When the counters were the same
color as the cabinets everything seemed washed out.

Still unfinished, but we've got a working kitchen. 
We don't know what goes under the bar, trim work is needed around the window, painting the walls, edging the carpet. Big things we still have to consider are the over stove vent and the pantry (yet to be designed).

The grasshopper faucet is finally in place and being used...

A close up of the cracks. They aren't structural. They just add character.

There are seams on both sides of the sink because of a re-pour. The sealer filled them nicely.