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--June 2002--

Getting started hanging the uppers. Almost put in the lowers first, but I had a hard time reaching to put the screws in in the uppers, so we did it this way. The board below helped a lot with supporting and levelling. June 2002

It was actually a little easier than we thought it would be. It took almost 1/2 of Sunday, and father stopped by for moral support, but we got them hung level and secure.
June 2002

You can see I got impatient and hung before painting. Still, I did wait til the sheetrock was up...
June 2002

Still so much to do. Concrete countertop (if it works), tile, sink, faucet, stove, handles, and get the missing cabinet that I had to reorder because I mis-sized. June 2002

Facing South. The future island is marked out on the floor. The short wall will hold the electrical and give the cabinets something to attach to.
May 2002

The new cabinets are in. We had a local cabinet maker make the boxes and bought the Thomasville doors from Home Depot.
Here I've just started painting with primer.
May 2002

Now with the new window which will be over the future sink.
April 2002

I love the view.
April 2002

House with kitchen in new space.