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  --September 2002--

After the first pour of two bags. The mixer splattered everywhere and it was dusty and everything dried too fast. Sept 2002

After the large counter was poured. Still had to spend an hour trying to clean out the mixer. We went to bed and poured the bar area the next morning. Sept 2002

The place was just a mess.

We ended up using 4 bags on the bar, so only had two left over. We thought that would be the case, but wanted to have a little too much instead of not enough.

There was concrete everywhere...

The bar went much smoother. We worked faster and had learned a lot from the night before.

I had to see what the faucet and sink were going to look like in place. They'll come out for the grinding and sealing.

We hope it lightens up a bit as it dries.

The bar is nice and smooth.

The large counter is going to need a lot of grinding.

Basically finished with the backsplash. The plywood is waiting for concrete then the sink goes in. July 2002

The view from the front door. The fridge will go on the wall to the left of the cabinets. Aug 2002

Well, I bit the bullet and tried again. This one is much smoother than the last and we're hoping that with only a little grinding it will have a nice smooth surface.  July 23, 2002

After grinding and sanding. The grinding brought out more of the texture look, and I like that. We still don't know if we'll stain or just seal. I'm leaning toward a blue stain. July 31, 2002

House with kitchen in new space.