Student Essays
Neverending story about Wasted Money

My name is Konrad Olejnik. I'm 27 years old. I'm one of the proud students in American Academy of English in Jennifer's class.
I'm interested in bikes and books, so I waste my money on parts to my bike (it doesn't mean that I have to fix it again and again) -you know- if you like something, you usually need more and more gadgets about it. In fact, I don't think it's waste of money, but unfortunately my wife does.
Books are my next hobby. I hate to borrow books from librbary - if something is good I must have it! So I buy books, even if my wife tell me that we don't have more free place to keep it. It's true, but i always find few square centimeters for new book -(Don't ask me how - it's my mystery.)
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What is the worst thing about you?

I'm very obstinate person. It's very hard for me to admit that someone else is right. Even if it's true. Besides it's very annoying for me when somebody doesn't remember about some writer I remember very well, and I can't remind this person this thing or situation and I begin very nervous. But the most irritating thing in my life is smoking. It's terrible habit but I can't give up it. My explanation is always the same: it's because of my school.
But I'm very optimistic person and I think that nobody is perfect that's why it would be imposible to not have any defect.

Malgosza Pteszynska (24)

A few years ago I went with my friends to the mountains. A journey by train in the night took us about 8 hours. We go the mountains at once from a railway station in the morning. We weren't sleep enough and we had big rucksacks at the back. We were walking all day. On the last part of treck I was so tired that I didn't stop and sit down because I knew I wouldn't be able to stand and to go ahead. That last part was uphill. Then I said to myself: I'll never do it again.

Marcin (21)

When I come closest to death I'll be eighty years old. I'll have big house, more granddaughters and grandsons. I'll have much money and time for travelling.
I'll be happy from life and don't regret anything.
Or, I'll be come back home and I have 160km speed and I have accident.


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