My Time In Poland
The View from my apartment balcony
For now, this site will also be hosting pages for my Polish students. Below are the student's names, and a short description of what is on their pages.
I am now back in Texas, but I hope you still enjoy viewing my site.
If you have visited this site before, please hit your refresh button. This page is updated frequently.
PHOTOS from my visit with Polish Relatives
My young learners' web page -
Kids from 11 - 15 years old.
Gocha's page - a little story
Dorota's page - About Dorota
Izabella's page - About Izabella
Sylwia's page  - My hometown
Magda's page  - Me and art
Dawid's page  - Do you like lemons?
Mariusz's page - Sleeping pill
Chris' page - ........................?
Story page - Essays from class
Three Clocks - Student pictures
Last updated Oct 10, 2000