My Time In Poland
The View from my apartment balcony
For now, this site will also be hosting pages for my Polish students. Below are the student's names, and a short description of what is on their pages.
I am now back in Texas, but I hope you still enjoy viewing my site.

PHOTOS from my visit with Polish Relatives
My young learners' web page -
Kids from 11 - 15 years old.
Gocha's page - a little story
Dorota's page - About Dorota
Izabella's page - About Izabella
Sylwia's page  - My hometown
Magda's page  - Me and art
Dawid's page  - Do you like lemons?
Mariusz's page - Sleeping pill
Chris' page - ........................?
Story page - Essays from class
Three Clocks - Student pictures
Last updated Oct 10, 2000