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May 27 - So I guess May means Bomb scares too. Yesterday, May 26th,  was Polish Mother's Day, but that was a bit overshadowed in my life by the bomb on Plac Wolnosci, the square where our school is.
OK, so my mother said not to write bad things about Poland, but, hey, if it happens, who am I to ignore it.
A bit more shocking when it's close to me. We've had two other bombs in town in the last month. The other two exploded in businesses. I don't think anyone was hurt, because there were warnings before hand. See, the business owners here pay off the mafia protection money. If they don't pay, then they get a warning about when the bomb will go off. The last two businesses were a pub and a restaurant. Both very close or on Pietrkowska, the main walking street.
The bomb on Plac Wolnosci was in a car, and it was blockaded off at 12 o' clock, then we were able to get back to the school about 4:30. Not so bad, just a strange day - hanging around with crowds, waiting. Unfortunately I couldn't go home, because my keys were in the school. So hey, another part of Polish life, at least here in a big city.
May 20 - Well, May is here, and so is Spring! 
The flowers were wonderful on the trees. Mainly apple, but also cherry and others. Now it's mainly flowers on the ground and, of course, on  the street corners for sale again. 
Everything seems green and they are out mowing the lawns around the apartments. Unfortunately they are also tarring the roofs. I guess you have to counteract the sweet smell of the flowers somehow. It's the 20th today, so only a month of school left. I'll miss my students, but vacationing in Denmark will be fun. Anyway, now that Poland is heating up, we'll see what summer is like.
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