Jennifer's New Side Saddle

It arrived, and it's just lovely

It's in really good condition, and sitting on the couch, it seems quite comfortable
There are places, like this horn, where the leather has torn at the seams
I'm worried that it will be too narrow for my horse. (you can see some more leather separating in the safe).
I hope to get it and my horse to a saddler to see if all this padding can be shifted to help the fit.
A lot of detail in the leather work
The billets must be replaced

Does anyone know what this extra strap is for?

It fits the couch nicely, next we have to work on the horse...
This saddle seems very similar to one at the Side Saddle Lady's Website
I would guess that that would put the saddle in the late 1800's.
I don't know if they did reproductions, because I do know that it's in better condition
than my 20 yr old English saddle...
It doesn't have any maker's information that I can find.
If we can get it to fit my horse, then I plan to use it for fox hunting.