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This aspect is concerned with feelings, intuition, relationships, with goals and motivations, and with changing the established order. In terms of temperament theory, this corresponds to the NF "Idealist" temperament.

The hallmark of this aspect is the personalization of experience. The value of any thing is directly related to that individual's personal perceptions; the only measure of a thing is how it makes the individual feel. Feeling insists that order and concern for the beliefs of groups are just impediments to the full expression of human individuality.

Growing up the lone iNtuitive in a household of Sensors forced me to develop this strong sense of internal rightness in order to retain any sense of self-worth. (Or perhaps it was the other way around. As my relatives concluded long ago, "Bart marches to a different drummer.") I think carefully about things, but when my feelings convince me of the rightness of my goals, then that's it. If the entire world disagrees with me, then the entire world is wrong.

For me, the four areas most representative of feeling are Art (the feeling part of Feeling, you might say), Music (the active expression of feeling), Genealogy (directly related to the strong feelings I have for my family and my roots), and Fiction (as the imaginative aspect of feeling).

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