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This aspect pertains to the rules governing personal and social behavior and the duties of ethical beings. It corresponds to the SJ "Guardian" temperament.

A Freudian would insist that this aspect corresponds to the "superego"; it is very much concerned with order, with restraint on behavior, and with organizing the other aspects. It is "spiritual" in the sense that it deals not so much with outwardly expressible behavior as with an internal expression of appreciating other things. If the other aspects could be summed up with the verbs "think," "feel," and "do," this aspect might best be described with the verb "have"; it is the aspect most concerned with "belonging."

With two Guardian parents helping to define my sense of proper behavior as I grew up, it shouldn't be surprising that I'm concerned with my place in impersonal relationships such as society and the world, and also with respecting traditions whether I share them or not. While my feeling side pushes me to right what I believe to be wrongs, this spiritual side cautions me that SOME order is necessary to provide the social stability required for the long-term survival of the group. In addition, the notions of private property and financial security loom large for me.

This background colors my view of Religion (the feeling aspect of duty), Politics (duty actively expressed), History (the understanding of tradition), and Economics ("belonging" studied rationally).

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